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Setting out Services

We provide a number of setting out services to make your construction project a success.
-Site Setting out the provided drawings on commercial or domestic sites
-Marking the Gridlines on slab and datum on columns vertical for further Facade operation
-Volume and area computation
-Co-ordinated marking to either a local or Global Survey grid
Whether it’s a small residential project or large commercial build, our building surveyors will ensure
all construction work is carried out in the legal boundaries, helping you to avoid later disputes, and
help your builders construct exactly to plan.
Our experienced engineers use modern, calibrated survey equipment that can be relied upon for its
accuracy and reliability. We can help with your setting our requirements by utilising our CAD
software to produce setting out drawings and as-built records.


Cad drafting Services

We have a team of Autocad drafters , Architects & Civil engineers execute detailed and complex
CAD projects in UK which provide Architectural and Structural drawing with Cost-effective service to
improve your response times and increase your productivity. We produce high quality drawings and
CAD draughting at realistic cost, and to deadline. We cover:
Site Consultation
Site laser measured survey
The draw up of draft plans
Send draft PDF plans for your viewing
Edit draft plans for any amendments or comments requested
Finalise and confirm plans
Submit your planning application to the local council via the planning portal


As-Built Survey

As a contractor, you are obligated to provide and hold copies of asbuilt information for your construction project. We are here to help you throughout your project. We provide as-built survey of your completed works, especially buried services (drainage, electrical, telecoms, etc…) to help prepare your hand over documents. We can provide one-off and long-term surveys.

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Topographical Survey

Our topographical mapping services provides you all the required features and levels for your property. Aided by GPS/GNSS, the latest robotic and Reflectorless Total Station Instruments, we can provide you precise information on a beautiful CAD drawings illustrating the features clearly for your design and planning team.


We Serve Private Sectors

Some of our clients only need a Engineer for a few days, we strive on providing short term requirements without tieing yourself up to long term contracts. In addition you get the save service as the Tier 1 companies.